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Why become a YL Independent Distributor?

TWEO-YL Independent Distributor-imageIf you’re growing to love Young Living products more and more, you know straight away that you are going to end up falling in love with them, and you’re the sort of person who naturally tells your family and friends about products you believe in, it’s probably a smart move to become a Young Living Independent Distributor.

It’s smart because you can save on retail; earn rewards points; have access to exclusive offers, monthly promotions and product packages; have your monthly order paid for; and either create or expand your business by sharing products that are 100% pure, natural and sustainably produced.

Please note that the term ‘Wholesale Member’ is interchangeable with ‘Independent Distributor.’ I think of a ‘Wholesale Member’ as someone who has joined Young Living to take advantage of the Essential Rewards Program and an Independent Distributor as someone who wants to take advantage of the Essential Rewards Program as well as create cash flow and a home business with flexible hours.

Overview of being a YL Independent Distributor

It is a simple process to become a Young Living Independent Distributor and you can soon be enjoying the many benefits that the program has to offer, such as:

  • Wholesale pricing:You save a huge 24% OFF the retail prices of Young Living products. In addition you will also be able to access specials and promotions during the year.
  • Essential Rewards:Once you are signed up as a Wholesale Member you can choose to be a part of the Essential Rewards Program for additional benefits.
    Read more about the Essential Rewards Program
  • Earning commissions: Experiencing Young Living products will likely inspire you to share them with others, and when you pass these products on, something beautiful happens: you help others and you get rewarded!
  • Community:Young Living values its community and purposely creates a strong support community for all of its members. As well as the field support team, the Young Living head office has experienced staff in place to assist you. The Young Living family is dedicated to inspiring one another to learn, grow and make a difference.


3 Ways you can benefit from your Young Living membership

To help you understand and consider becoming a YL Independent Distributor, I like to think of the system as having 3 types of Independent Distributor.

1. Independent Distributor – Retail benefits

Create or increase your cash flow* by selling Young Living products at retail prices

This is an Independent Distributor who fundamentally wishes to create extra cash flow by retailing Young Living products (earning 24% on every sale). You can also take advantage of being able to purchase high quality Young Living products for the health and wellbeing of your family and friends at wholesale prices.

This ‘type’ of an Independent Distributor is perfect for you if you are a healthcare practitioner, yoga teacher, gym owner, health food store, market stall owner, beautician, teacher or instructor, coach or trainer, work in HR and you wish to offer 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils as a natural and/or complementary solution to help people achieve their personal and professional goals.

* Please note, Young Living will process all of your Retail Customer orders and so there is no need for you to hold stock. To maintain your Young Living Wholesale Member status, you simply need to buy 50 Point Value (~$90) worth of product in a 12-month period.


2. Independent Distributor – Retail & Essential Rewards Benefits

Join the Essential Rewards Program to enjoy extra benefits, as well as sell at retail

This is a Wholesale Member who has decided to join the Essential Rewards Program to make the most of the extra benefits including:

  • Exclusive promotions and offers
  • Exclusive Essential Rewards Kits – better value than wholesale pricing
  • Cheaper shipping and bonus gift every 3 months
  • Reward points earned to redeem for FREE product
    • 10% of points on your monthly order for first 3 consecutive months
    • 20% of points on your monthly order for 4th – 24th consecutive months
    • 25% of points on your monthly order for 25th consecutive month and beyond
  • Compensation and bonuses in addition to retail sales

Click here to learn more about the program.

This ‘type’ of Independent Distributor is perfect for you if you’d like to:

  • Use YL essential oils and products on a regular basis
  • Switch over to Young Living products to detox your home and life – as you run out of a product at home you simply switch to a natural, chemical-free, YL product
  • Put together a collection of oils and other products to use in your practice or business
  • Make a monthly order to maintain retail stock

* Please remember, to be eligible for the Essential Rewards points you need to maintain a minimum monthly order of 50 Point Value (~$90). However to receive compensation and other bonuses, you need to maintain a minimum monthly Essential Rewards order of 100 Point Value (~$165 – $185).


3. Independent Distributor – Retail, Essential Rewards and Create a Business Benefits

Create a business for cash flow opportunities and flexible hours

This final level is for someone who can see the opportunity and potential of being a Young Living Independent Distributor as both a business and personal vision. You are committed to creating a successful business for increased cash flow and leisure time, based on selling high quality products that are aligned with your personal values of health and wellbeing.

In addition to sharing potent and pure essential oils, being a Young Living Independent Distributor will give you the opportunity to enjoy a working life that is aligned with your values and one that creates independence, fulfilment, inspiration, empowerment, new knowledge and skills, and an abundant lifestyle.  You can then enjoy having the time and money for more of the things you value, like family, healthy work/life balance, children’s education, charity, travel, etc.*

This ‘type’ of Independent Distributor is perfect for you if you wish to inspire others to use Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils due to your hand-on-your-heart endorsement of them, and you want the flexibility of creating your own business with the security of using proven business models and the coaching, training and mentoring of a corporate and field support team.

It is often not people’s intention to be an Independent Distributor but rather a Wholesale Member enjoying the benefits of the Essential Rewards Program. However, as you start to tell your family and friends about Young Living essential oils and they decide to become a Wholesale Member on the Essential Rewards Program, you may simply ‘fall into’ being an independent Distributor and receive commissions from Young Living. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your monthly order paid for?

If you have any questions or want to talk about the opportunity to become an Independent Distributor in any of the three ways I have outlined above, please contact me directly on 0417 838 958 or complete the contact form on this site.


* For realistic details on what is required to grow your Young Living business and the possible rewards, please review the Young Living Income Disclosure Statement.

YL Income Disclosure Statement 2015


Like to become a Young Living an Independent Distributor now?

If you want to join up straight away you can follow the steps outlined in our other article:

Or you can call Young Living directly – 1300 289 536 and ask to join as a wholesale member.

  • Simply give them my details as your Enroller and Sponsor: Jocelyn Harvey – #1281189
  • The Young Living Customer Care staff will then create an account for you over the phone.

* Please remember to first have a look at the Premium Starter Kits and decide which one you want to order. They are great value for money and can save you between $20 – $185 above wholesale pricing! If you’ve got your eye on a Rainstone diffuser this is the BEST DEAL because if you buy the Premium Starter Kit with the Rainstone Diffuser, you’ll save $185 above regular wholesale pricing!



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