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Top 10 Essential Oils to Support Physical Wellbeing – Part 2

wellbeingNature provides us with a wide array of substances that help heal and rejuvenate the body. Different parts of plants and trees have been used for centuries in herbal extracts to support humans with physical wellbeing. However, one of the most beneficial substances extracted from plants are their essential oils due to them being the plant’s defence mechanism. These essential oils not only emit wonderful aromas, but they can also help to relieve all sorts of physical stress. Once extracted and processed into therapeutic-grade essential oils, they can be used to support the healing of cuts, bruises, burns and even internal problems like a weakened immune system or poor digestive health. Today, I’ll be discussing the different health benefits people have experienced with Young Living’s therapeutic-grade lavender, lemon, PanAway, peppermint and Thieves essential oils.

Lavender essential oil is a popular choice for those who’d like to create a relaxing environment for their home and children. Not only does it give your home a sweet floral aroma, it has been mostly researched for its anti-bacterial and relaxing qualities. Lavender essential oil can be used to help soothe minor burns and disinfect cuts. It may also be used as a moisturizer for dry skin, and it can even lessen the appearance of scar tissue. If you have trouble falling asleep or you suffer from sleep apnea, you may also diffuse lavender essential oil in your bedroom or add a few drops to your pillow to help you sleep better.

“I bruise very easily and when it appears it hurts. The site can be sore for several days. I discovered that putting lavender oil on the site of the bruise right away helps take the pain away. I will apply a drop or two on the site and rub gently and keep applying it several times within 24 hours. After that, the pain and tenderness is gone. The bruise is still visibly there and runs its course but at least I don’t have to deal with the tenderness.”   – Kelli Prudhomme

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The scent of lemon essential oil can provide you with a quick pick-me-up before or after a busy day. A few drops of this refreshing essential oil can add flavour to your morning tea or your favourite marinade recipe, while also providing you with immune boosting d-limonene. It can also be used on the skin to prevent too much oil production and to help remove skin tags. If you have issues with cellulite, rubbing lemon essential oil on it can also help improve the blood circulation in that area. Other than exercise, lemon essential oil is one of the few things that can support the lymphatic system and makes it perfect for people who are limited in their physical movement. Please note that you shouldn’t expose areas where you’ve applied lemon essential oil to the sun until it has been completely absorbed (approximately 12-72 hours later).

“I’ve used the lemon [essential oil] to fight a nail fungus by applying it directly on the offending toe nail. I also enjoy taking footbaths with a few drops of lemon oil mixed with a few drops of lavender oil. I find it very relaxing. The uses for lemon go on and on, and it smells great!”  – Melody Stroud

PanAway essential oil contains wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint essential oils. This unique blend helps facilitate the body’s natural response to inflammation and injuries – especially tendon and ligament damage – while also helping to relieve muscle tension and bruises. It can be rubbed on the temples, the neck or the forehead to get rid of slight pains caused by stress or tension. Those who work at desks all day may find PanAway helpful in relieving back pain when massaged into the problem area.

“I have discovered that PanAway has stoped my migraine headaches in their tracks, also have been using it at arthritis points of pain and it is fantastic. I have stopped taking the expensive medication that my doctor had me on (cost was draining financially) and the PanAway takes the pain AWAY shortly after applying and this is not only saving my pocket book, but my relying on medication that damages my insides. I am in love with it!”  Kristen Draughton

Peppermint essential oil has a very strong minty smell. One drop of Young Living’s peppermint essential oil is the equivalent of 28 cups of tea so imagine the opening effect on your sinuses when you smell it. Peppermint is one of the best oils to aid with digestion and may help to prevent digestive problems. Inhaling peppermint essential oil can also help to curb your appetite. Due to its highly anti-inflammatory properties, peppermint can also help alleviate muscle stiffness and soreness, post-operative bruising, and the pressure from headaches. Apply it directly to the affected area or rub into the forehead, temples, sinuses or the back of the neck.

“Last week, my 4 year old daughter was sick with the flu and vomiting profusely, about 10 times in 4 hours. I was concerned that she may become dehydrated, so I put peppermint oil on her feet, a drop in her naval, and one drop in her sippy cup with water.

She drank the peppermint water, and after about an hour, she did not throw up again. She was sick for 3 more days, but without any more vomiting. She had a day of fever, so I applied the peppermint 3 times that day, and it kept her temperature down.

Our household has 3 other members, and none of us got sick, which I credit to diffusing peppermint and Thieves throughout her sickness.”
The Natural Nook Wellness Center

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Thieves essential oil got its name from four thieves in France who used aromatic herbs in order to avoid contamination when stealing from plague victims. This essential oil blend is a mix of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary so it smells beautiful but more importantly is 99.9% effective against bacteria! It is also anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-viral. Thieves diffused into the air is the only thing capable of killing mould spores, so using it regularly in your home can have huge health benefits for your family. Thieves can also be taken internally with milk or in a capsule with water to help support your immune system and fight parasites.  Thieves is so effective against bacteria that Young Living has created a whole Thieves range with household cleaner, hand washes, oral hygiene and more.

“I began using Thieves neat (undiluted) on my gum 4-5 times a day. It contains the “hot” oils of cinnamon and clove (along with lemon, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary), so it does sting, but it also numbs the pain. One drop was sufficient for the whole lower quadrant of my mouth! After a week or so, the pain was gone, so I only used Thieves morning and night.

One month later, I went to the prosthedontist for a check-up. He was amazed to find that there was no trace of inflammation, pain, or any problem which would require a root canal!”  – Frances Fuller

As Young Living essential oils are 100% pure and potent, less is often more. A few drops of these oils in your diffuser or simply smelling the oils straight from the bottle can provide you with the physical support you’re looking for. If you would like to use the vitaflex points to specifically target certain regions of the body, the little pocket guide is a great point of reference. Please follow the instructions carefully and read the precautions before using any of these essential oils.

With all the benefits from a natural source like therapeutic-grade essential oils, why would you settle for other remedies that are often not synergistic, expensive, and come with a host of side effects? When you’ve got these essential oils in your household, there’s no doubt that you’ll start to feel healthier and more energetic as you go about your daily routine. Being healthy never smelled this great, so let’s get healthy!

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