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Top 10 Essential Oils to Support Emotional Wellbeing – Part 1

emotionsHaving emotions is an innate part of being human. If your mind were a power grid then emotion would be the electricity running through it! Our emotional states change on a regular basis throughout the day, although we are often not encouraged to connect with our emotions. Because emotions are an integral part of us, to ignore them is to deny our truth or lose our authenticity.

We often disconnect from our emotions as a coping mechanism to not feel overwhelmed or not feel the intensity of our pain, shame, anger etc. However, staying connected to and being present with our emotions as well as resolving past issues is key for achieving emotional wellbeing. How can Young Living essential oils help?

Numerous studies support the idea that essential oils can be beneficial in managing emotional distress, anxiety (both in preoperative patients and patients in the ICU), alertness, and even the emotional state of postpartum mothers. These studies suggest that simply using the right type or blend of essential oils can actually help bring about positive emotions, thanks to their effect on the limbic system within the brain. Our limbic system is our emotional centre and where our memories are stored. Our sense of smell has a direct link to the limbic part of the brain and is strongly linked to survival mechanisms and can therefore induce an immediate response in our systems. Young Living has developed a number of specific essential oil blends to help support emotional wellbeing by tapping into that direct link to the limbic system.

Acceptance essential oil is a special blend of rosewood, geranium, frankincense, blue tansy, sandalwood and neroli in an almond oil base. It’s great for helping keep the mind stimulated and alert. At an emotional level, it can help develop feelings of acceptance of self and others. With this blend, you can feel more confident about your own abilities, and be more accepting of your shortcomings so you can handle challenges in your life with self-compassion.

“I have been trying to avoid medication for depression and anxiety. Each morning I put on several oils, the ones that have helped me the most include Motivation (when I get my mind and body motivated, I’m less likely to become depressed and focus on negatives). I have also found that Acceptance really helps me to deal with day to day issues that would otherwise build up and lead to depression/anxiety. I have not found the perfect combination, but I am not on any medication and hope to remain that way.” – Debbie Aikens

Forgiveness essential oil’s appeal lies in its ability to help you let go of negative emotions through the act of forgiveness – a foundation for emotional wellbeing. As a result, you may begin to feel more uplifted because you’re no longer weighed down by the negativity you once harboured in your heart. It contains a unique blend of oils including lavender, lemon, jasmine, bergamot, ylang ylang, rose and other essential oils in a base of sesame seed oil.

“The Forgiveness oil blend was very helpful during my time to bounce back from a puppy tragedy. My dog had reacted and nipped her newborn puppies. Two died as a result and two survived…

Forgiveness blend helped me tremendously. As a dog owner, I needed to move past the tears and be strong and supportive, thus creating a harmonious environment going forward. Personally, I know the Forgiveness oil blend helped me to heal.” – Barb Lefever 

Grounding essential oil is the blend you need when you want to place your feet firmly on the ground, especially if you haven’t been able to get out in nature to help balance yourself. Grounding can help keep you steady despite the emotional chaos brought about by different stressors in your life. By giving you a stabilising influence, Grounding essential oil can help you feel confident in making sound decisions by helping to reduce the distraction of inner turmoil. Grounding essential oil blend consists of white fir, spruce, ylang ylang, pine, cedarwood, angelica, and juniper oils.

“I bought a bottle of Grounding for one of my children, but it was the 7 year old who latched onto it. He wanted it on every night. By the time the bottle was empty he had finally become fully night dry. Up until then he could have as many as 3 wet beds in a week, followed by a dry week. It has been about 3 or 4 months since he used Grounding and he has had only one wet bed in that whole time. Hooray…” – Kristie Young

The scent of Harmony essential oil blend can be counted on to support a harmonic balance in the energy centres of your body. When you achieve balance, you may start to feel more calm and free, as your energy starts to flow more efficiently throughout your body. As the name suggests, Harmony helps to bring harmony to all areas of your body and life. Harmony blend contains numerous essential oils such as lavender, orange, spruce, Spanish sage, rose, and many more.

“Depression runs in my family. I had been on antidepressants of some kind since 1992. I had tried to stop taking them several times, but within about three weeks, I would crash, and realize that I still had not found a decent alternative. When I first started using the oils, I had hopes that I might be able to finally be free of the antidepressants… I used Harmony every day on my forehead, over my heart, and anywhere else I felt I needed it intuitively. I also used lemon in my water. I probably used 8-12 drops of lemon in my water every day. I have been totally amazed at the difference in my life.

I have been off of the medication for almost three months now. I still use lemon daily (3-6 drops) and Harmony when I feel that I need it. If I am having any anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed, Harmony helps me to feel more centred.” Deanna Smith

Hope essential oil can give you feelings of strength, while also keeping you grounded in reality. This blend of essential oils has the ability to uplift and balance your emotions, while also helping you to overcome dark and morbid thoughts. By diffusing it into your home, or applying it onto your skin, you may start to feel more hopeful and optimistic about what your future holds. Hope blend contains Melissa, myrrh, juniper, and spruce in a base of almond oil.

“A client, a psychiatric nurse called about a teen-age girl who she had been ‘watching’ for about 21-22 days regarding a suicide watch. There was great concern for her well being. The girl was her niece. They had been unable to break the depression.

I went to their house. The girl was pasty white, and listless. I asked her if we could put a couple of oils on her. She agreed. I asked her to smell TRAUMA LIFE. Next I asked her to smell HOPE and put it on her third eye (pituitary gland area) and heart. Then I asked her to put JOY on her heart.

In two to three minutes color started to return to her face. Then her mouth opened. What came out sounded like a long shore man who had an eighteen-wheeler drive over his foot. After about five minutes of ‘fury’, the ranting stopped, and she calmed.

Her aunt bought her HOPE oil. I saw her 6 months later and she said she had been fine since our session. She still carried HOPE with her, but did not expect to ever have to use it. The suppression/depression was gone.”
– Christine Carleton

Click here to read more about Acceptance, Forgiveness, Grounding, Harmony and Hope essential oil blends. You can read about Humility, Inner Child, Joy, Release and Transformation here.

As a practitioner, I use Young Living essential oils to help clients move through past trauma and unresolved issues and help them come back to their centre with blends such as: Surrender, Release, Trauma Life, Transformation, Hope, Forgiveness and Valor. There have been a number of times when clients have said something like: ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘I can’t go on’ and after they have smelt the Valor blend for 3 deep inhalations they have very quickly reconnected with their inner strength. It can be quite transformational. Sometimes simply smelling an essential oil blend like Release can actually cause the biggest shift in a session.

Please remember that Young Living essential oil blends are therapeutic grade, and are 100% pure. Simply inhaling the scent from the bottle or diffusing it into the air is sufficient to receive the emotional support from each blend. However, it can also be nice to apply a drop to your wrists, back of the neck or temple for ongoing support from the therapeutic scent. Essential oils can be a powerful catalyst for shifting you from pain, fear and trauma to acceptance, forgiveness, hope, inner strength and peace. Give them a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, maybe even amazed, at how effective they can be. Let’s get healthy, naturally!

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