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Only Thieves Can Kill Mould Spores!

Young Living ThievesMould might be the insidious culprit for a number of health issues experienced by you and your kids including: asthma, allergies, repeated colds, ear infections, sinus congestion, digestive issues and even worse, neurological problems, fatigue and cognitive impairment. If you regularly have mould growing in the bathroom, especially on the ceiling, and on your clothes or shoes, or your cupboards smell musty and the walls or floor feel damp, then you likely have airborne mould spores potentially causing havoc to your family’s health.

But don’t worry; there is a natural solution to getting rid of mould, including the invisible airborne spores! But first, let’s discuss the problem.

What is Mould?

Moulds are a type of fungus and one of the oldest life forms on earth. They’ve survived for millions of years because they can survive in many extreme weather conditions. However, not all forms of mould are bad for you. Some of them are actually quite good for you. Penicillin is actually derived from mould, and it’s still being used today to combat bacteria and infections.

However, other types of mould are not beneficial and may lie dormant until threatened. When they become threatened, they release toxins that can lead to long-term ailments such as persistent sinus congestion and lung infections. Even when the mould spores die, they can still trigger allergic reactions and irritation.

The more irritating strains of mould can contribute to allergies, constant colds, ear infections and asthma attacks. In worse cases, they can cause kidney failure, skin sores, vertigo and even central nervous system problems! The worst part is, they can be found almost everywhere inside the home (and office buildings) – kitchen, bathroom, amongst your plants, behind your wallpaper, under wooden door paint and in crawl spaces. Even homes that seem neat and spotless can be hiding mould in less visible areas.

Natural Mould Solutions: Young Living Thieves Essential Oil and Thieves cleaner

Essential oils are the enemy of several strains of moulds, and Dr Edward Close has shown that diffusing Thieves essential oil blend can be effective in eliminating airborne mould in the home. As opposed to using hospital disinfectants, industrial strength fungicides and strong bleach, essential oils have been shown to be more effective, with the added bonus of being non-toxic!

The Thieves blend is so effective at killing bacteria, fungus, viruses, microbes etc that Young Living have created a complete range of Thieves products for cleaning and personal hygiene. The Thieves household cleaner is a 100% natural solution for eliminating mould. It contains vegetable-based and biodegradable ingredients that are not only helpful for the environment, but they’re also less likely to cause allergies and skin irritation. Because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, Thieves household cleaner can be used on all surfaces in the house where mould might be visible, including the fridge, oven, countertops, kitchen drawers, windows, glass shelves, washing machine, toilets, bathtubs, ceilings etc. It can even be used to soak clothes and bedding with mould spots.

Steps to Take to Eliminate Mould

Mould loves warm moist air, so one of the best things you can do is make sure you circulate fresh air through your house on a daily basis. If this is difficult due to cold weather or being at work all day, consider investing in a high-quality air filter that can filter mould spores. If you do experience dampness in your home consider investing in a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air. Prevention is always better than cure.

However, if you need to deal with an existing mould problem it will be important to invest in Thieves household cleaner to wipe down all of the affected surfaces (please note that bleach does not kill mould spores), and also a waterless diffuser and Thieves essential oil blend to kill the airborne mould spores.

Here are some steps to help remove non-toxic mould:

1. Immediately diffuse Thieves essential oil in your home continuously for 24-72 hours, particularly in places where the mould has been found. You will use about one 15ml bottle of Thieves for every 24 hours of diffusing (must be waterless diffuser).

2. Repair leaks from pipes and appliances, as mould will often grow in moist places.

3. Clean and scrub all areas with visible mould stains with Thieves Household Cleaner to ensure the mould will be killed and to minimize reoccurrence. When cleaning, make sure you wear protective equipment like a mask and gloves to make sure you don’t inhale the spores.

4. In case there’s still mould left or it reappears, repeat the previous steps once more. If needed, repair, replace and refinish all the affected areas.

5. Make it a habit to diffuse Thieves essential oil as a preventative and protective measure against mould for either 8 hours once a week, or for 15 minutes every 3-4 hours at least 3 days a week.

If you have tried all of the above and are still dealing with mould issues it might be time to seek professional help and have mould samples taken to see whether it’s toxic or not. If it’s been determined that you have toxic mould in your home, it would be wise to contact a professional mould remediation service for the health and wellbeing of your family.

Hopefully, when you have thoroughly cleaned and removed all the items that have been affected, diffusing Thieves essential oil thrice a week will be enough to eliminate the mould for good! The added benefit of diffusing Thieves oil will not only be a fresh smelling home with allergen-free air, but also reduced pests and increased immunity for you and your kids, and probably your pets too.

Have you used essential oils or natural solutions to deal with mould, especially airborne mould spores? Please share your tips in the comments below  🙂

Here are some more resources for you:

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Mold Warriors: Fighting Americas Hidden Health Threat (Dr Ritchie Shoemaker &)

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