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A Look at Young Living

The mission behind Young Living the company is to inspire change. The company is committed to sharing essential oils, nature’s living energy, to the world. Our community values healing and discovery, and supports and inspires individuals to wellness, purpose and abundance.

Young Living succeeds by providing real wellness solutions, not side effects.

Where it all beganGary Young Living Essential Oils

It all began with Gary Young in 1973, when after a serious logging accident he began to study alternative medicine to regain his health following injury. At the time his studies included an introduction to essential oils.

The essential oils were pivotal in Gary’s eventual recovery and as a result his passion for researching and developing essential oils was ignited and it has since been his life’s work.

There are over 200 references to essential oils in the bible and essential oils have been used in Chinese, Egyptian and other civilisations throughout the world for thousands of years.

Young Living originated from nature’s healing power.

The first farm

It wasn’t until 1989 that Gary began to cultivate lavender and other herbs in the belief that he would be able to produce pure, authentic, superior-quality essential oils.

His first farm was a quarter acre block of land in Spokane Washington and his first distiller comprised two pressure cookers welded together. He experimented with this original equipment and the result was 100% pure essential oil and that was the beginning of Young Living Essential Oils.

Gary Young established the term “therapeutic grade”, now known as Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ (YLTG), as a guarantee that Young Living will only sell 100% pure, natural, uncut oils that maintain the vital potency.

The company is launched

Gary and his wife Mary with the aim to grow, prepare and bottle essential oils launched Young Living Essential Oils. The original company office was in Riverton, Utah and the company began to rapidly expand as their reputation for quality products grew.

Young Living exists because our products work.

The company today

Young Living has grown to be a world leader with its therapeutic grade essential oils. They have developed a global network of expertise on essential oils and ship products to hundreds of thousands of members located around the world.

But even more than that, they have created a community of people, as well as a great brand. A community that not only offers products but also invites people to share and participate at the grassroots level – the winter harvest is a popular event that gives members real insight and an even stronger sense of pride in the product. This makes Young Living a more effective company that is empowering change.

Young Living thrives because it rewards you for doing
the most natural thing in the world: sharing.

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To read how others have been successfully using Young Living therapeutic grade oils for all sorts of different health issues, please visit This website has been maintained for approximately 10 years to allow people to share and support one another.

And if you have a testimonial to share, we’d love to hear about it. Please include it in your comments below!

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