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NingXia Red: A Superfood with the Highest Anti-Oxidant Properties on the Market!

Young Living New NingXia Red 2pkNo matter how healthy or ill, weak or strong you think your body is, it really is a super machine that’s capable of intense and unbelievable feats! It works 24 hours a day every single day to keep you alive and well. The brain is constantly controlling the body, allowing you to move, think and feel. The respiratory system breathes in air while filtering it at the same time. The stomach and intestines digest and absorb all the nutrients we need. The liver and kidneys filter toxins from our blood. But just like we need to regularly change the oil filter and oil in our cars, our bodies need maintenance and a tune-up to help reduce oxidative stress, which is like internal ‘rust.’

Oxidative stress can stem from a number of factors such as poor nutrition, ongoing exposure to computers and digital TVs, lack of quality sleep, and a polluted environment. The foods that we eat are now up to 63% less nutritious than 70 years ago due to modern farming and food preservation methods. Worse, there are often harmful toxins used to grow our food, which can cause oxidative stress in our bodies.

To maintain health and wellbeing, most of us need to increase our intake of nutrients and antioxidants. Eating fresh and organic food can help, but it can be hard to eat enough nutrient-rich foods to reach the optimal level. There’s a simpler solution you can turn to in order to get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This simple and delicious solution is called Ningxia Red.

Ningxia Red is a super fruit complex that combines powerful nutrients to boost your immune system and overall health. It contains natural antioxidants, ellagic acid, phytochemicals and d-limonene. These ingredients not only help to flush out all the free radicals and oxidants you acquire from food and environmental stressors, but they also help in preserving your cells from oxidative damage. In order to fully understand the benefits of drinking Ningxia Red, let’s go through the benefits of its powerful ingredients.

Ningxia Wolfberry

Whole Ningxia wolfberry (goji) fruits are pureed and placed into the drink to ensure that you get all the nutrients this superfruit has to offer. This little berry can beat the amount of nutrients you’d find in most fruits and vegetables.

  • Ningxia wolfberry contains the highest known levels of polysaccharides, which improve your immune system’s functions.
  • It battles inflammation the same way red hot chilli peppers do, as it contains 4 times more beta-cryptoxanthin (without the burning sensation!)
  • It also has heart-healing benefits as it’s filled with more fibre, magnesium and potassium than any other easily accessible food.
  • If you’re always battling with the sniffles, the high vitamin c content of this super fruit is 3 times that of your regular orange.
  • If you want to build up or preserve those muscles you can count on the Ningxia wolfberry for protein as well!
  • The Ningxia wolfberry is a great source of cerebrosides, which not only protect your liver and brain cells, but are also an important component in your nerve cell membranes.
  • Finally, this superfruit also has high levels of the eye-protecting zeaxanthin, which can be found in egg yolks. How many egg yolks per day do you eat?


Found primarily in oranges and other citrus fruits, d-limonene has been studied for its ability to keep our cells DNA stable and protected, as well as inhibiting cancer cells from forming in the digestive system, the liver, the lungs, the skin and the pancreas. And in line with protecting the pancreas, d-limonene also has a lower glycaemic index compared to other liquid supplements given to those who have pancreatic problems. Other important functions of d-limonene include:

  • Regulating the body’s glutathione concentration levels in order to promote healthy liver function.
  • Antioxidant properties to promote better organ function, an immune system boost and a great reduction of free radicals in the body.
  • Protection against gastric ulcers.

Other ingredients in Ningxia Red

  • Blueberry juice. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants which protect the blood cells and the brain from free radical oxidation. Like D-limonene, it also helps to protect cell DNA.
  • Pomegranate juice has more antioxidants than even green tea or red wine, and this assists with reducing oxidised cholesterol.
  • Aronia, cherry and plum juice have high levels of ellagic acid, which is another form of natural antioxidants.
  • Lemon, orange, tangerine and yuzu essential oils also have high levels of d-limonene, and they also help increase glutathione levels in the liver by up to 50%.

If you think NingXia Red is just new in the market, think again. Lots of people have tried it and shared the results with their friends and families – Here are two great examples of the positive effects NingXia Red has had in supporting people through cancer and macular degeneration:

“It has now been 4 months since she has been drinking NingXia Red and diffusing oils. She has also had 4 chemo treatments since that first one where I was there and several things have become a pretty standard and normal occurrence:

  1. Generally now, her daily blood sugar levels average about 50 percent in the NORMAL range and 50 percent slightly higher, but rarely above 175!
  2. The morning after her chemo treatment, her blood sugars still spike but they have never spiked above 275 now!
  3. Although she has continued her chemo therapy, her energy levels have actually been much HIGHER and much more even now that she drinks her NingXia Red!
  4. The day before receiving her chemo treatment and gets her blood analyzed, the last 3 treatments she has **NOT REQUIRED OR NEEDED packed red blood cells to boost her normal levels!

My mom is completely sold on the NingXia Red (as am I!) and has now started trying different oils.”

– Ken Rodgers (

“After nine months of drinking Ningxia Red juice, faithfully taking Young Living’s True Source whole-food vitamins and Omega Blue, my Macular Degeneration was gone. At another time my doctor saw tiny white dots on my retina which he said are usually precursors for Macular Degeneration. At the latest visit, there again was no sign of Macular Degeneration. Even if the tiny white dots are seen again, it is still clear that my Macular Degeneration has reversed itself.”

– Beth Glass (

All in all, Ningxia Red is a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids that help preserve and protect the vital organs in the body. By cleansing your body of free radicals, your organ functions will be optimised, thus eliminating your body’s need to expend extra energy to be able to keep up with your body’s regular activities. This energising effect is one of the most sought after properties of Ningxia Red, and when you combine this with optimising the immune system, promoting healthy organs, joints and muscles, what more can you ask for in a delicious superfruit drink?

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