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Nurture House Team

My dear friend and colleague, Karin de Vos, and I have long shared our visions and goals and discussed strategies with one another. In one of these conversations, the idea for The Nurture House Team was born.

We love teamwork and cooperation and working together to provide a better service to our customers and business builders.

Our goal is to bring together our unique skills and talents so that we can best support and educate you on how to improve your health and wellbeing naturally.

Our latest project is to run free online, monthly classes to teach you more about the qualities, application and uses of Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils. If you haven’t tuned in yet, please do. Our focus is on addressing common issues in all of our lives. Just check the sidebar to see the details for our next online class.

If you are new to this site and our classes, you simply need to fill in your details and then you will have access to all our recorded webinars.

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Please read on to learn a little more about the Nurture House Team members.

Meet the Nurture House Team

Jocelyn Harvey Oils Photo Final ILG YLJocelyn Harvey

Transform Within
Wahroonga, Sydney NSW
0417 838 958
Young Living member # 1281189

Hi, I’m Jocelyn Harvey, holistic counsellor and change specialist.
I love my chosen profession and feel aligned with my life purpose of inspiring, teaching and empowering others to live happier and healthier lives.

As a counsellor, I have specialised in The LifeLine Technique® and I use Young Living essential oils during sessions to help clients increase their energy flow; release old hurts, reactive patterns and limiting beliefs; bring greater harmony to the mind, body, spirit system; and anchor more empowering belief systems. The Young Living essential oils can help bring about powerful shifts.

For a long time I’ve appreciated the benefits of looking at ourselves as a whole system (holistic and synergistic) and I really value living a healthy lifestyle. I’m a strong believer that prevention is definitely better than the cure. Based on personal experience and that of others, I know that the life force energy from plants captured by 100% pure Young Living essential oils is fantastic at supporting our systems to stay balanced and healthy. I use Young Living essential oils, personal care and nutritional products every day. I also carry a little bag of ‘first aid’ oils with me everywhere. I simply can’t leave home without them.

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Nurture House karin Karin de Vos

Nurture House Founder
Mona Vale, Sydney NSW
0412 654 559
Young Living Member # 828165

Karin, the founder of Nurture House, is an educator, writer, author, speaker, therapist, coach and business owner. Her passion is to share information on the causes of health issues and the natural solutions to address them.

Karin was a stressed out and unhealthy mother and business owner with two sick children. Diagnoses included depression, bi-polar, PMS, ADHD, mild Aspergers, anaphylaxis, sleep apnea, asthma and eczema. She explored, and found, the causes of these health issues and the natural solutions to address them. This resulted in her and her children healing. Her commitment is to now pass this information on to others.

Karin believes that there are three of foundations necessary to build health and wellbeing. Firstly, increasing pure/alkaline water intake; secondly, increasing food based ‘anti-oxidants’ intake; and thirdly, decreasing the ‘toxins’ in your life (synthetic cleaning products; toothpastes; personal care products etc.)

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Nurture House Lisa

Lisa Hendry

Edithburgh, SA
0409 526 391
Young Living Member # 1335673

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Nurture House Jodie Andrew

Andrew & Jodie Powell

Hills Spinal Health
Castle Hill, Sydney NSW
02 9680 7533
Young Living Member # 1282450

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Nurture House JessicaJessica Hambly

Hills Spinal Health
Castle Hill, Sydney NSW
02 9680 7533
Young Living Member # 1306762

My name is Jessica Hambly, and I am a chiropractor and kinesiologist at Hills Spinal Health in Castle Hill. I also have qualifications in musculoskeletal acupuncture and have completed studies with the International Chiropractic Association on genetics, nutrition, emotions and exercise physiology, and how these combine to determine how we express true health. This also qualifies me as a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner.

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for some time now, and their philosophy of only using the highest quality natural ingredients resonates with my own approach to health and vitality. From their personal care products to their oils and blends, I have seen amazing results and would advocate them in every household as an alternative to the toxic chemicals we often fall into the trap of using to clean and treat our ailments. Sometimes the simplest things really are the most powerful!

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