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Natural Therapies for a Peaceful Sleep

Sleep problems natural therapiesHaving a good night’s sleep is important for being happy, productive and healthy. A restful night leaves you feeling rejuvenated and alert. Unfortunately, sleep problems such as insomnia, nightmares, snoring and sleep apnea can leave you feeling perpetually exhausted and irritable. There are many easy natural therapies you can use to improve your sleep and renew your vitality, and I’ll share with you my top solutions to common sleep problems!

Hidden factors affecting your sleep

Many sleep issues are related to noise. Some of the reasons you can’t get sleep could be due to environmental noise in and outside the house, the temperature or even the lights in the room. Emotional factors or noises such as stress and thinking too much can also affect sleep. Sometimes, the body’s physical state can also prevent a good night’s rest; these factors can also be called body noise. For instance, being in pain or having some residual caffeine in your body can keep you up all night.

Natural therapies for sleep issues

Eliminate the noise. Practicing a good sleep routine is one of the simplest steps to improving the quality of your sleep. Turning off electronic devices and keeping them at a distance can help remove the electromagnetic radiation which may hinder your sleep. Doing some relaxation techniques can also help, such as slower and deeper breathing and yoga postures, for example, lying on your back with your legs and feet up the wall. Eliminating stress and using techniques to release negative emotions will also help reduce the emotional noise.

If possible, avoid taking sleeping medication. Though you may feel that sleeping pills help you fall asleep faster, they have a range of side effects that may be worse than not getting to sleep. Sleeping pills can be addictive, can suppress REM sleep and dreaming, cause sleepwalking and weight gain. Natural therapies such as essential oils, relaxation techniques and a healthy diet with adequate proteins and minerals can provide safe, long-lasting results.

Ningxia Red. Eating carbs right before bedtime can cause your blood sugar to suddenly drop, so proteins are your best choice when it’s close to your bedtime. Young Living’s Ningxia Red has both proteins and minerals that your body needs. Ningxia Red not only keeps you satiated all night, it can also help improve the quality of your sleep.

Young Living Essential Oils.Therapeutic-grade essential oils have been shown to help with sleeping issues and improving the quality of sleep.

Lavender has sedating and calming qualities, and can help the body adapt to stress, and therefore reduce emotional noise.

Peace and Calming is a gentle, fragrant essential oil blend that promotes relaxation and a peaceful sleep. It is can help with falling asleep and nightmares, and is suitable to help children get a restful, peaceful night sleep.

RutaVala is another type of therapeutic oil that can soothe stressed nerves and help overcome negative feelings, while encouraging a positive attitude. It promotes the relaxation of the body and mind and can help induce sleep.

Sleep issues can be overcome by simply inhaling the oils after rubbing them on your hands and applying them to the temples or top of the neck. You may also place a few drops in a diffuser before you head off to bed. Rubbing the oils on specific VitaFlex points on the hands and feet (tips of fingers and thumbs, or base of your toes) can also increase the effectiveness of using Young Living essential oils for sleep issues.

Using natural therapies and essential oils to improve the quality of sleep for you and your family can be a relaxing process in itself, especially if you have a foot rub! Enjoy the new peaceful evenings and restful nights!

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