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Gently Supporting Health for Pregnancy and Birth

birthExpectant mothers go through a rollercoaster of emotions as they prepare for the arrival of their little bundle of joy. There may be times when they feel excited to welcome a new member of the family, but there may also be times when they’re worried about their health and the health of their growing baby. If you’re an expectant mother looking for natural health solutions during pregnancy and birth, then read on! Today, I’ll be discussing the different Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils that can be used to gently support health for pregnancy and birth.

Before I discuss the essential oils that can benefit you and your baby, it must be noted that very few commercially available essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic-grade like Young Living essential oils. The Young Living User Guide states: DO NOT use wild tansy (not available in Australia), clary sage, sage, fennel, wintergreen or hyssop during pregnancy. They are referring to these oils as singles. In addition, Debra Raybern (naturoptah and author of Gentle Babies 5th Edn.) recommends the following oils also NOT be used during pregnancy: basil, birch, calamus, cassia, cinnamon bark, Idaho tansy, lavandin (different to lavender), rosemary and tarragon. Again, these are the single oils.

Now that you know which essential oils to avoid during your pregnancy, let’s talk about the essential oils that may be of help to you during pregnancy, during the birth and after the birth of your baby.


Lavender essential oil is at the top of the list for its numerous beneficial qualities. Not only can it help you relax, but it can also help your body adapt more easily to the changes you will undergo as your pregnancy progresses. In addition to this, it can also provide you with added energy so that you can still go about your daily routine despite the growing weight in your belly. This is a wonderful testimonial for lavender during pregnancy.

“With its historic reputation for healing burns and promoting relaxation, Young Living Lavender has always been a part of my first aid kit. I discovered the truly amazing therapeutic power of sweet and simple lavandula angustifolia when I was pregnant with my son.

Early on we became aware of a few potentially serious complications including placenta previa because of a large fibroid tumor that was growing on the outside of my uterus. I had been using lavender for years to soothe monthly cramps with great success, so when I went into premature labor with contractions and bleeding at 16 weeks I put this little oil to the test.

I put 4 or 5 drops of lavender directly on my abdomen and rubbed it in well with some pure jojoba oil. After 2 of these applications, the bleeding and contractions stopped within 24 hours. I continued using lavender on my belly every night after that because the doctors were still very concerned about a premature birth. With lots of prayer and partial bed rest for five weeks (I was told I could be on FULL bed rest for 5 months!), this did not occur again for the duration of the pregnancy.

Our healthy son safely arrived by C section because my water broke at 36 weeks and he was full breech. He is a content and happy little guy who loves his crib, sleeping 11 or 12 hours through the night since he was 3 months old. Is it genetic or was it the relaxing effect of all that lavender he got second hand from mama? 🙂

The added bonus to slathering myself daily with this skin nourishing oil is that I don’t have a single stretch mark anywhere!” — Jennifer Nordin


Gentle Baby essential oil blend is a specially made blend for both mothers and babies. As your emotions may become heightened during pregnancy, this oil blend can help calm and soothe both you and your baby. In addition, you may also use a few drops of Gentle Baby essential oil diluted in vegetable oil to help moisturize stretch marks and relieve itchiness. However, you must not expose areas treated with Gentle Baby essential oil to the sun within 48 hours of application since it contains photo-sensitive ingredients.

“I used Gentle Baby whilst pregnant with my baby boy Gabriel….. from 3 months onwards I rubbed it over my belly and back repeating loving words to my unborn child…. I think it comforted him just as it did me.

When he arrived, anytime my son feels sad or unwell and not himself I mix with some olive oil and rub it onto him..his back, shoulders bottoms of feet… and Gentle Baby takes him back to the womb (I think) and comforts him. I recommend Gentle Baby.” –Helen Balaton


Tender Tush is a gentle ointment that is specially made for babies who are prone to diaper rash, but mums can also use it on their stretch marks. It contains a blend of coconut, olive and wheat germ oils for a gentle moisturizing effect, as well as Roman chamomile, lavender, cistus ladanifer, blue tansy and frankincense for soothing aromatherapy.

“My 3 month old had a severe diaper rash. I tried all the normal ointments and was getting nowhere. I was afraid to use the Tender Tush because it smelled like it might burn him. One day I put some Bert’s Bees on him and he started screaming – I put him in the bathtub and washed him off and decided to apply some Tender Tush. He started laughing at me as I applied it! The rash was gone the next day!”Beverly Boytim


Valor essential oil blend helps with energy alignment within the body while also promoting feelings of courage during labour and during the actual birth. If you feel fatigued or drained after your baby is born, you may also inhale this oil to help get your strength back. It’s a great essential oil to use especially if you’re an anxious first time mother.

“I found [my pregnant daughter] one morning sitting on the bed sobbing. She couldn’t do anything as simple as lift her foot off the floor. I had read that Valor, known as “chiropractor in a bottle”, could be applied topically to realign the spine and rubbed three drops into each shoulder and three drops to the ball and bottom of her feet. Within five minutes, she was walking around the room and had no pain. Nothing short of amazing!!! We have found that this application twice a day has helped her tremendously. Though not totally free of discomfort during the day, she is able to move around and is not confined to her recliner. 

We are so grateful for the purity of Young Living Essential Oils. They are truly a Godsend.” Kathleen Cress


Peace & Calming essential oil blend helps uplift the spirit while also giving you a sense of peace. Getting good quality rest and sleep is vital for you and your baby during pregnancy. Try Peace & Calming blend to help you fall into a deep and peaceful slumber. This essential oil may also help calm you when you start getting your contractions during labour.

“I was diagnosed with a heart condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse six years ago. I couldn’t breathe, kept fainting, had no energy, my heart would fibrillate throughout the day, and I could hear and feel the messed up pauses and beats (which I called ‘flubs’). I was newly pregnant and couldn’t take the drugs the doctors prescribed. I only had the Essential 7 kit at the time.

I looked in the Desk Reference and it listed Peace & Calming, so I started using it. Not a little, but a ton! I rubbed it on the vitaflex points on my feet, hands, ears, elbow, over my heart. I inhaled what was left on my hands. I repeated it 3 or 4 times a day.

After 3 days, the fibrillations stopped. I haven’t had any since. It took two years for the ‘flubs’ to gradually stop. I went in for a checkup and the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. It’s been 4 years since that time, and I have had no further heart issues, fibrillations, fainting spells, breathing problems, or energy problems. I have had several more children, and I am in good health.” –– Erika Noll


Frankincense essential oil helps you focus and overcome stress. It can be massaged onto the bottom of your feet in order to help alleviate your nerves during labour, and it can also be diffused into the air to help you overcome the stress of a particularly difficult birth. What’s more, it can be a useful oil to help you combat postpartum depression thanks to its comforting properties.

“I was in the bath for a lot of the time so we put one drop of frankincense into the bath to help the perineum to soften. When I had the urge to push, I only needed to push seven times before she came out in one swoop.

We immediately annointed the babys’ head with Frankincense and once the chord stopped pulsing it was cut and we applied Myrrh to what was still attached to our little girl. This was applied daily to the base of the attached chord until day 4 when it fell off.

I suffered no stitches or tearing, breast feeding was a dream, no back pain and I went for my first run when she was about 8 weeks old.

My daughter is a happy, healthy child who really only cries when it’s time to sleep (or when she doesn’t get her own way).” — Kristen Draughon


It’s important to provide your newborn baby with enough milk right after the birth. If you feel you are not producing enough milk, you can try taking two drops of Fennel essential oil with a teaspoon of honey every two hours in order to support lactation.

“I jokingly took four drops of fennel in a glass of water and the next morning woke up SPRAYING milk! I thought “Surely this is a fluke!” and tried the experiment two weeks later with the same result.

Fennel oil is for nursing mothers! Now I give a bottle to all of my pregnant friends to have on hand if they need help making more milk!” –– Jessica Wild


On the other hand, Clary Sage essential oil may be used if you have an overproduction of milk. It may also be used to help relieve symptoms of postpartum depression and other hormonal imbalances brought about by the birth of your baby. In line with this, you may also use essential oils such as Joy and Frankincense if you are feeling blue after giving birth.

“I had a challenging 4 day birth followed by some serious over doing and lack of sleep. I crashed into a pit of despair and confusion even though I was taking my supplements and good nutrition. My mother very concerned gave me a tissue with Joy oil on it and put it in my pajama pockets which I wore everyday. I was inhaling it constantly. Within a few hours I started feel like a light was shining inside me again. After a few days of inhaling Joy oil I snapped out of the depression completely and got my brain back.” –– Dr. MaryStarr Parmley-Carter

“I am post menopausal in my late 50’s. This past year my wrists have been constantly aching. I chalked it up to over usage and age. And then I read in Marcella Vonn Harding’s book “Chronobiology” that sore wrists may be a sign of hormone imbalance and to use Clary Sage on the wrists and both ankles. So I tried it and woke up the next morning without pain in my wrists, it happened that fast. I was delighted and encouraged. I spent the next few days painting a house which really put this to the test. No soreness in my wrists. I’m using the Clary Sage in the morning and evenings. I feel more energy, more assertive, less passive and no pain in my wrists. I think I have killed two birds with one stone. I had heard that Clary Sage was a great hormone balancer, now I know.” — Sandy Morris


Please note that despite the effectiveness of 100% pure Young Living essential oils experienced by several women, it’s still important to consult your doctor before you consider using essential oils during pregnancy. If you have never used essential oils, generally speaking pregnancy is not a good time to start. Lastly, before you buy your essential oils, make sure the brand you are buying is of therapeutic-grade quality (such as Young Living essential oils) so that you can obtain the full benefit of each type of oil without fear of any negative side effects from using adulterated brands.

This blog is just a starting point for you; providing you with some useful information about the many benefits of essential oils for expectant mothers and their babies. Nine months of carrying your baby can be both exhausting and exhilarating. But with the right essential oils to ease your journey through pregnancy, you may find the strength and emotional resilience to move through every challenge while also helping to improve your baby’s health and temperament along the way. For more information I highly recommend you purchase Debra Raybern’s book Gentle Babies (5th Edn), which compiles 20 years of clinical knowledge.

I wish you endless joy and contentment in motherhood.


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