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Gently Supporting Health for Babies & Toddlers

babiesWe all know that babies and toddlers are vulnerable and sensitive and so it’s important we take extra care in creating a healthy environment for their growth and development. Most parents I know want the best for their children and will do what they can to create a beautiful bond and a healthy environment for their little ones.


In order to support the health of babies and toddlers, parents must be aware of the different things that can negatively affect their infant’s health. In addition to the more obvious things like pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, digital TVs and microwaves, as much as possible, infants should not be exposed to the invisible toxins typically found in many household items such as soaps, shampoos, detergents and cleaners. Generally speaking, personal care and household cleaning products that are natural and organic are best. However, some of these are deceiving too as they often contain ‘good’ ingredients as well as not so good ingredients. Young Living products are well researched and developed for their therapeutic qualities with the addition of 100% pure essential oils.


As essential oils are primarily the defense mechanism of plants, they can also be effective in ensuring that humans (especially babies) are free from harmful pathogens and toxins. They may be diffused into your baby’s room, mixed in their bath or gently massaged onto their feet. However, since babies are so sensitive, the essential oils that you use on your baby and in your baby’s room should be strongly diluted. The ideal ratio is 1:30. So for one drop of essential oil you intend to use on your baby, you must add 30 drops of a carrier oil such as V6 or an organic vegetable oil – coconut, almond, olive. Below are some of the essential oils that have been helpful in supporting babies and toddlers’ health and wellbeing.


Lavender essential oil is once again at the top of the list. With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, it can help clean and heal cuts, bruises, insect bites and rashes. Lavender also has a soothing effect on burns, sunburn, headaches and upset stomachs. It can also help deter insects from coming near your baby. If your baby is particularly fussy, diffusing lavender essential oil into the air for 10-30 minutes can also bring about a calming and sedating effect to help your baby relax and fall asleep.

“My daughter was 5 months when she got her first diaper rash. I had already been using lavender mixed with EVOO as a moisturizer on her. So I thought that I would try it on her rash. So after every diaper change I would use this mixture and by the end of the next day the rash was gone. My daughter hasn’t had diaper rash since!” Jessica Moore


Thieves essential oil is a blend of lemon, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary essential oils. Thieves blend is Young Living’s ‘covergirl’ for the hygiene-based products. It is used in numerous products like the household cleaner, hand washes, toothpastes, mouth wash and wipes because it is 99.9% effective against bacteria. It even kills mould. By using these products to clean your baby’s room and all of the surfaces they will touch or things they will put in their mouth, you’re not only keeping your baby from being exposed to harmful chemicals, you’re also using an essential oil blend that helps support their immune system.

“As a new mom I love receiving recycled baby toys. I use the Thieves cleaning product, diluted in a spray bottle to clean & sanitize any “new-used” toys that my baby gets. It gives me the peace of mind that the toy is bacteria free & chemical free. Instead of using the heavy laden anti-bacteria cleansers recommended for households. I love my Thieves cleaner, every family household should have a bottle!” –Katie Kastrup

“My 8 month old teething grandson recently came to live with us. I noticed him gnawing, chewing and drooling at lot. I have a bottle of diluted (with v-oil) Young Living Thieves blend that I keep on hand for rubbing my kids (4+7) feet. He was fussing so I tried one drop of the Thieves mixture on my finger then put it on his top and bottom gums. He was quickly happy and drooled a lot less. A delight-filled observation of the babies skeptical father! Now we grab the bottle of Thieves with the first sign of discomfort. Happy oiling!”

Sharon Lapierre


Purification essential oil, like its name implies, helps cleanse the air from environmental impurities. So even if your baby has just soiled his or her nappy, a few strategically placed cotton balls with Purification can help dispel the odor and also keep away insects. This essential oil blend can also help soothe cuts, rashes and insect bites.

“My beloved infant granddaughter had a bad case of cradle cap going not too long ago. I decided to perform a mild regimen on it using Purification and lavender essential oils from Young Living.

The process: I carefully massaged the Purification oil into her affect scalp areas let it set for about 15 minutes. I then took a soft baby toothbrush and softly scoured her head with it, removing much of the scaly patches. Then I did a light massage on the affected areas again using lavender oil.

I did this two times more, two days apart. That was about a month ago – and the cradle cap is completely gone and has stayed gone!” –Mattye Thompson


Peace & Calming essential oil blend might become your new best friend if you have a hyperactive baby. It can help your baby relax and fall asleep when massaged onto the bottom of the feet or on their back. If your baby is tired or sick, a few drops of Peace & Calming diffused into the air can also help to comfort your baby.

“I use Peace & Calming rubbed over my heart before nursing my baby to sleep. If he is over stimulated, this calms him right down. I also use the oil on my feet before bed (and his too!) or before a long drive in the car. Obviously one of my favorite oils!” –Heather Spergel


Valor essential oil blend is known for its ability to help adults become more centred and courageous before facing a challenge. When it’s diffused into your baby’s room or gently massaged on your baby’s back, it may help your baby more effectively deal with potential stressors like a ride in the car, a large family gathering, or a trip to the doctor.

“At four months, my daughter developed a high fever. A naturopath recommended using peppermint diluted 50-50 with V-6 vegetable mixing oil in my baby’s belly button. Almost immediately, it helped her have a bowel movement and reduced her fever so I continued the regime every three hours. I also put Valor™ on her spine, and she was back to normal later that day.” 

Laura Hopkins


The first few months of a baby’s development are so important as these months greatly affect the foundations for their immunity later on in life. Of course, as babies grow, they become more and more inquisitive and adventurous. It then becomes harder to keep their curious little hands away from potentially dangerous objects and germs. Please use your common sense and always have your baby checked by a healthcare professional if you have any health concerns for your baby. Once you’re satisfied there’s nothing to worry about, you can rely on Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils to gently support your baby to heal and become even more resilient. Massaging any of the essential oils listed above onto your baby allows precious bonding. Please make sure every essential oil you use is diluted, as applying or diffusing them neat can be too strong for your baby. Young Living essential oils are 100% pure so less is more.


For many more ideas about which Young Living essential oils to use to gently support your child’s health with natural products go to This site has been maintained for approximately 10 years and will give you lots of ideas. Please contact me for a free 15-min consultation if you would like further support.


Now you have some useful tips to gently support the health of your baby or toddler using therapeutic-grade essential oils for a great start to their lifelong health and wellbeing!



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To read how others have been successfully using Young Living therapeutic grade oils for all sorts of different health issues, please visit This website has been maintained for approximately 10 years to allow people to share and support one another.

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