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Essential Rewards Program

Love Young Living Essential Oils & Products?
Take Advantage of the Essential Rewards Program!

Becoming a Young Living Wholesale Member and joining the Essential Rewards Program may be perfect for you if:

  • You love the Young Living products and have started buying them more and more regularly
  • You’re committed to creating a chemical and toxin-free environment for you and your family
  • You’re a practitioner, beauty or massage therapist and want to create a lovely collection to support your clients
  • You’re a practitioner, health food store, yoga studio, gym, market stall owner etc who is getting set-up or purchasing retail stock on a fairly regular basis.

The Essential Rewards Program gives you the flexibility of changing your order every month, either online or over the phone, and you receive a whole host of benefits!


  1.     Save 24% OFF retail prices
  2.     Exclusive monthly promotions and offers
  3.     Better than wholesale pricing on product packages called ‘Essential Rewards Kits’
  4.     Reduced shipping rates
  5.     Get up to 20% back in Rewards Points to redeem for FREE product
  6.     Essential Rewards-only commissions and bonuses

Essential Rewards Kits

YL Home Essential Rewards Kit-TWEO-imageAs an Essential Rewards member you can take advantage of 10 exclusive Essential Rewards packages referred to as kits:

  • Animal Care
  • Beauty
  • Culinary Oils
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Everyday Nutrition
  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Homes
  • Healthy Kids
  • My ‘Go To’
  • NingXia Red

The Essential Rewards Kits offer up to 16% off regular wholesale prices. For more detailed information on each of the Essential Rewards Kits click here.

Essential Rewards Points

For the first three consecutive months you are on the Essential Rewards program you will get 10% back in points. From the 4th consecutive month to 24 months on the ER program on you will receive 20% back in points. And from the 25th consecutive month you will receive 25% back in points to redeem for FREE product!
If you stay on the Essential Rewards program for 12 months you will effectively receive almost 2 months of product for FREE.

YL-ER Gift Guide-Jul 2017-TWEO-image


To stay on the Essential Rewards Program you are committing to a monthly order of either 50 or 100 Point Value (~$90 – $180), depending on the level of benefits you wish to receive.

If you commit to the 100PV monthly order as soon as you join the Essential Rewards Program, in addition to all of the program benefits, Young Living will also send you additional gifts every 3 months for the first year and then annually as an additional ‘thank you.’

You can review the Essential Rewards points and gifts in this 1-page infographic.



Essential Rewards-Only Commissions and Bonuses

Independent Distributors (wholesale members) who are also Essential Rewards members can access commissions and exclusive bonuses. The Fast Start Bonus and Rising Star Team Bonus are just two of the ways Essential Rewards members can access additional cash rewards.

In 2015 Young Living created a more generous compensation plan with more cashflow opportunities. For realistic details on what is required to grow a Young Living business and the possible rewards, please review the Young Living Income Disclosure Statement.

YL Income Disclosure Statement 2015

*The Essential Rewards Program gives you the flexibility to change the processing date and products every single month, and you can cancel your membership at any time if you no longer wish to receive the benefits. You can always join again in the future.


If you’re interested in becoming a Young Living Wholesale Member and joining the Essential Rewards Program, please contact me to learn more and for help getting started.
Jocelyn – 0417 838 958 or email via the contact form

If you’re confident with doing things online and already know which Premium Starter Kit you’d like then please become an Essential Rewards Program, Wholesale Member on the Young Living Australia website. Click here.
My details should already be entered as your Sponsor and Enroller – Jocelyn Harvey #1281189.

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