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Essential Oils to Support Grieving

huggingHave you ever felt the clutches of grief enveloping your heart? Are you going through the process of grieving for someone or something you’ve lost recently? Does it feel like there’s no end in sight for the pain and sadness that you feel?

The grieving process is rarely an easy one. Every person has their own way of coping with loss, for example: crying, angry outbursts, talking with family & friends, immersing yourself in work, disconnecting from activities, or expressing yourself through art, music or writing.

There are a number of ‘normal’ reactions to grief  – thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and behaviour – and also phases of grief that we need to go through – numbness and shock, yearning and denial, disorganisation and despair, and adjustment and renewal. (Click to read an article to further explain these: ‘How Do We Grieve?’.)

Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils can be very supportive through the grieving process to help you come to terms with intense emotions and regain your strength and balance on all levels.

Essential oils to support mental, emotional and physical wellbeing during grieving

Acceptance is an essential oil blend that can specifically counteract your denial of your loss. By inhaling this blend, you can slowly work your way towards accepting the death of your loved one.

Forgiveness essential oil can help you forgive and release all the negative emotions you feel.

“The Forgiveness oil blend was very helpful during my time to bounce back from a puppy tragedy. My dog had reacted and nipped her newborn puppies. Two died as a result and two survived.

Forgiveness blend helped me tremendously. As a dog owner, I needed to move past the tears and be strong and supportive, thus creating a harmonious environment going forward. Personally, I know the Forgiveness oil blend helped me to heal.”

– Barb Lefever

When you feel like your mind can no longer bear the weight of your despair, you can turn to Frankincense essential oil in order to help you think more clearly. Its centering and stress-relieving effect will also be helpful when you need the added strength to deal with preparations for your loved one’s burial. This oil can also help you slowly ease back into your new routine afterwards.

Geranium essential oil’s uplifting floral scent may also be inhaled during this time. It can help you feel calmer when the news of your loss finally sinks in.

Lavender is very soothing and helps to calm nerves and help you sleep. Lavender can also uplift your spirits as well because it’s an ‘adaptor’ oil.

Lemon essential oil can help you think clearly, especially if you’re still processing the news. It can also help uplift your spirits so you can function.

If you’ve lost a partner it can sometimes cause an identity crisis. Who am I without that person in my life? What roles must I now take on – single parent perhaps? Inner Child is a blend developed to help stimulate memory response and reconnect you with your inner-self and identity, which is one of the first steps for finding emotional balance.

Harmony can promote physical and emotional healing by creating an energetic harmony in the body and bringing us into harmony with situations, people and the cycles of life. It is beneficial in reducing stress, amplifying wellbeing, and dissipating feelings of discord. It is also uplifting and elevating to the mind, creating a positive attitude.

Joy is a blend designed to bring joy to the heart, mind & soul and help overcome deep-seated grief and depression.

Peace and Calming is also a wonderful oil that can calm you when intense feelings of grief seem to be disrupting your attempt to move on. It can also be used for nights when you feel restless and unable to sleep.

“When my husband died in March of this year, I could not sleep very much. The sleep I did get was not very restful… I started using the Peace & Calming on my feet, across the back of my neck, and inhaling what remained on my hands.

After the third night, I realized that not only had I slept through the night but it was also a restful sleep. During the day when the pressures at work would make me anxious, I would apply to the back of my neck and inhale for a few seconds. Should any of your friends suffer the loss of a spouse or other family member, a gift of Peace & Calming could be one of the best ways to show you care. I can never be without this wonderful oil.”

Mary Carney

Dealing with loss is a stressful time for most people and Stress Away roll on can help relieve and soothe both the physical and emotional stress borne from grief.

“About a month after I received this roll on, I had to put my 17 year old cat, my “son and baby” to sleep, because his health had been declining and then he deteriorated quickly. After I knew I would be home for the day, I grabbed my oils and roll on. I put two drops of Release using my left hand over my liver, then I took the Stress Away and applied it across my forehead, across my shoulders and then on my tummy. My nerves were terrible and I knew I needed relief.

I then grabbed the Kleenex box and sobbed, and in-between sobs, I did deep cleansing breathing. It took several hours before I felt like a huge weight had been lifted, however, I did feel better.”

– Jennifer Cascaddan

Valor essential oil is known as the ideal blend for increasing your courage to deal with stressors. This oil blend can give you the strength to deal with all phases of grief and help you come back to your centre and confidence.

“Since my youngest son passed away suddenly, I had a lot of pains and aches in my shoulder and back, as well as emotional distress from grieving. My entire body felt out of alignment and my libido was down to zero. I decided to prayerfully apply the essential oil VALOR. Well, after about 5 minutes, I felt the impact of the oil. It was like a flood gate of emotions were released and I wept for quite a while.”

Gabriele Gilpin

Loss is never easy for anyone. Along with the grief, you may also feel a mixture of different conflicting emotions. The Young Living essential oils are therapeutic and have a direct affect on the limbic part of the brain – the centre of emotion and memories. They can really support you to stay centred while coping with the changes and processing your emotions. In addition to the oils discussed above, Believe, Gratitude, Grounding, Hope, Release, Tranquil, Transformation and Trauma Life are also very supportive blends to help you deal with grief.

Loss is a part of life and something we all have to come to terms with at different times, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier. It’s important to have a strong support network around you, to seek professional help if you’re feeling stuck, to be kind and compassionate to yourself, to rest and look after yourself, and to allow yourself to process your grief at your own pace.


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