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Essential Oils for First Aid: Rashes, Cuts, Burns, Bites and Bruises

Essential Oils for First AidThere are many essential oils that can help for first aid. Having those at hand can ensure that you can act immediately and prevent worsening of your symptoms for rashes, cuts, burns, bites and bruises. Essential oils can help relieve pain, as well as help your skin heal.

Burns and sunburn. Burnt yourself with a hot iron or spent too much time in the midday sun? Ouch! Applying Young Living therapeutic-grade lavender essential oils directly to the burnt area can provide immediate relief. You can also try frankincense and Valor™ essential oils to rub on the area to provide quick aid. Peppermint essential oil has helped people suffering from heatstroke. Just inhale directly from the bottle, or put 1-2 drops on the temples, neck, chakras and/or Vita Flex points.

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Rashes. Though it’s important to go to your doctor when you encounter a strange rash, you can soothe the itch and inflammation with Young Living essential oils such as lavender, Thieves™, lemon, Purification™ and Valor™. Peppermint essential oil can also be placed on rashes caused by hives to relieve itchiness. Thieves™ and Purification™ essential oil are essential oil blends, and they also have antiseptic qualities which you can use directly on the rash. Valor™, on the other hand, is a rejuvenating essential oil that can be applied to relief and heal rashes.

Insect bites and stings. Bugs are all around us and people inevitably get stung or bitten. Mosquito bites can be quite common and easy to treat, but if you’ve been stung by a strange insect or spider, monitor your symptoms and contact your doctor immediately if you have any health concerns. In cases when you think it’s just a regular insect bite you can use essential oils to eliminate the itch, swelling and pain. Try lavender, peppermint, frankincense, lemon, Purification™ and PanAway™ essential oils for those bites. PanAway™ essential oil is a blend of different oils that can slow or stop bleeding on a wound caused by an insect bite while also helping to clean the wound.

Cuts and bruises. When you’re around kids, you realise just how often they get cuts and bruises from being active and adventurous! A bleeding cut or a nasty bruise can cause panic in both kids and adults, but with essential oils in your first aid kit, you can clean the wound, help stop the bleeding, ease the pain and calm emotions. For both cuts and bruises, applying the following essential oils can both sanitise and soothe the area: lavender, peppermint, frankincense and PanAway™. All you need are a couple of drops, and please remember to apply around the edge and not directly to open wounds.

Being prepared for first aid situations and caring for your skin and health is easy with Young Living essential oils. Insect bites, rashes, bruises, cuts and burns can be relieved and helped to heal safely and naturally, for you and your entire family.

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