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Essential Oils for Diabetes

candiesSadly, diabetes is an illness that is growing, especially in westernised societies. As of now, there is no perceived cure for diabetes, but there are natural ways people can manage their symptoms and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today, I’ll be talking about Young Living essential oils and products that you can use to support your management of diabetes. Numerous personal experiences have reported a reversal of symptoms toward normal ranges with these products!
Firstly, what is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that prevents people from being able to use the sugar in their body for energy. Instead, the sugar remains in the blood stream. Those who have diabetes feel the need to urinate often, and are also often hungry or thirsty. Diabetes is a serious disease that, if left untreated, can lead to complications such as heart disease, damaged eyes, and kidney failure.
There are three major types of diabetes:

  • ‘Type I diabetes is a viral disease that often occurs in childhood causing destruction of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. In this case the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to keep blood sugar low.’
  • ‘Type II diabetes is an adult onset sugar handling problem where the cells of the body are too toxic to accept insulin, even though the pancreas may be producing sufficient quantities.’ This is the most common case of diabetes, with a prevalence of 90% of all diabetes sufferers.
  • Gestational diabetes is a condition wherein women with no history of diabetes suffer from high blood glucose levels during their pregnancy. This is caused by the impairment of insulin receptors.

But it’s not just the pancreas. ‘A toxic liver can lead to sugar handling problems that can cause inflammation of the pancreas. Too much acid in the system can also cause problems with the pancreas.’

* All text in quotation marks above taken from Ultimate Balance – Infusing Vibrational Energy of Essential Oils into Chakras, Meridians and Organs (2009) LeAnne Deardeuff, DC, Essential Science Publishing, USA

Have you noticed I’ve mentioned toxicity in the system and a toxic liver being contributing factors to the body’s ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels? High blood sugar levels and toxicity are associated with blood acidity that causes inflammation in the body too. To reduce toxicity and maintain healthy blood alkalinity to support your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels, it is highly recommended you:

1. Drink 1.8 to 2.4 litres a day of alkalised, ionised and mineralised filtered water.

(For a high quality, affordable water jug filter click here.)

2. Exercise daily for 30 minutes (with a focus on strength or interval training) to support the lymphatic system, boost metabolism, reduce stress, increase muscle strength, maintain a healthy weight, and more.

3. Maintain a nutritious diet full of raw wholefoods (raw vegetables are an excellent source of enzymes that the pancreas would otherwise have to produce). This will also contribute to healthy blood alkalinity. For more information, I highly recommend you read Donna Gates book – The Body Ecology Diet. Another important book to read is Dr. Robert Young’s book for diabetics – The pH Miracle for Diabetes: The Revolutionary Diet Plan for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics.

4. Use Young Living products (outlined below) to help you manage the diabetes.

And if you’re serious about detoxing your body to improve all aspects of your health and wellbeing, you might also consider an amethyst biomat (releases the very healing far infrared light and negative ions) or a PowerTube (a TENS device that aligns the molecular structure of the blood with a signficant detox response.) Contact me to learn more.

I highly recommend you seek the support of a naturopath or other healthcare professional with nutrition qualifications to advise you on the best approach, whether you need to focus more on reducing stress, toxicity, weight or acidity, or improving hormone balance.

Dr Mark Sircus, MD, website is also an excellent resource for anyone interested in holistic health solutions that are backed by research.

If you’re not yet drinking approximately 2 litres of alkalised, filtered water a day then start there. If you’re currently only drinking 1 litre a day just start drinking 1.1 litres every day for a week, then 1.2 litres every day the next week and so on.

Supporting Diabetes Management with Young Living Essential Oils & Products

The following 5 products have been experienced to be very beneficial for managing and often reversing the effects of diabetes: NingXia Red, Ocotea, Cinnamon, Coriander, and Myrrh (read below for more details).
However, clove, fennel, dill, lemongrass, peppermint, EndoFlex, Di-Gize, Thieves, Balance Complete, 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse, Slique Essence and dried NingXia wolfberries are also supportive.

NingXia Red

NingXia Red is a tasty but sugar-free, superfood drink that’s filled with helpful antioxidants and therapeutic-grade essential oils high in d-limonene that support the liver. NingXia Red is low GI and gives long-lasting energy support while also replenishing your body’s nutrient storage. In addition, NingXia Red also helps protect your body from the damage caused by free radicals.

NingXia Red’s main ingredient is the wolfberry, which has been used as a traditional treatment for diabetes in China. Wolfberries contain polysaccharides, which can help balance your blood sugar, while also boosting your body’s response to insulin. These polysaccharides also help convert food into energy more efficiently. As many people who suffer from diabetes may also suffer from obesity, NingXia Red’s energy-boosting capabilities can help solve two problems at once!
“…I am convinced that NingXia Red has helped take away my craving for sweets, so that I have easily reduced my food intake and stopped all fast foods, processed foods, pop, tea and am now eating healthy raw vegetables, salads, and lean meats (mostly fish, chicken, and turkey) I also drink alkaline water half my body weight. I have lost 25 pounds since taking Young Living supplements.

Young Living has changed my life. I am 53 years old and two years ago my neighbor died of a heart attack; complications from diabetes. He was 52 and did not take his medication or change his diet. I have tried to change my eating habits many times for the last thirty years, but have not been successful. I believe that I am successful now because of Young Living’s products especially NingXia Red and the essential oils. I no longer take any drug medication and my blood sugar is averaging 160 and below.”
Karen Hopkins

“When I first started using Young Living, I only tried the Ningxia Red morning and evening. That’s all. My Diabetes is almost normal, and my cholesterol dropped 39 points, my doctor says to let her know more when it drops another 60 points. Now I use more products and purchase more each month.”
Suzi Mann

Ocotea Essential Oil

This essential oil may not be as widely known as others, but you’d be surprised at how beneficial it is! Ocotea essential oil is extracted from the ocotea tree, which is closely related to the cinnamon tree. However, unlike cinnamon essential oil, it contains much less cinnamaldehyde, so it’s less likely to produce skin sensitivity. Ocotea can support the pancreas by helping to maintain blood sugar levels. You can place 1-2 drops under your tongue or in the palm of your left hand, or drink a cup of water infused with 1-2 drops of ocotea before each meal.
“My 9 year old son has Type 1 Diabetes and uses an insulin pump. When his blood glucose is high he gives himself a correction dose of insulin and per protocol. Then he will put a drop of ocotea on the palm of his hand. I can expect his blood glucose levels to drop about 10 mmol/L in 1 hour-a much quicker response than using insulin alone. If his blood glucose levels is really high or he has ketones we will add a drop of copaiba to that and expect a drop of about 15 mmol/L in an hour.

If he is asleep at the time I just put the oil on the handiest part of his body-tummy, back, whatever.”
Kirstie Young

Cinnamon Essential Oil

One of the most widely-known remedies for diabetes is cinnamon. In a study from the European Journal of Clinical Investigation, it was shown that cinnamon extract capsules helped to lower the plasma glucose concentration in patients with Type 2 diabetes. The best part is there were no adverse side effects observed in any of the patients. How does cinnamon do this? Cinnamon activates enzymes in the body in order to stimulate the insulin receptors and increase insulin sensitivity. They are then able to respond to insulin, thus helping metabolise the sugar in the blood.

In addition, cinnamon has been shown to help reduce cholesterol levels and been shown to reduce high blood pressure, which is one of the most serious complications that can arise from diabetes.

Inhaling cinnamon oil neat may damage the nasal membrane, so dilution is recommended (1 part cinnamon: 4 parts carrier oil). Once diluted, you can apply it onto the soles of your feet, or you may diffuse it into the air. You can also take it as a dietary supplement, if recommended by your practitioner.
“I proactively go for a blood test every year at the Health Fair to keep informed about what is going on with my health. My health has always been very good but it seemed no matter what I did my glucose levels always stayed anywhere from 103-107 consistently.

This last year I had really began to study what could change those numbers. I began using cinnamon on my oatmeal that I ate every day and also including cinnamon oil in different ways. I just received my report back and was thrilled to see my new numbers are at 96!”
Chris Rushing 

Coriander Essential Oil

Coriander has a threefold effect on those who suffer from Type II diabetes, or those who have insulin, but can’t metabolize the blood sugar. First, it has an anti-hyperglycemic effect wherein the blood sugar levels are lowered. Second, it has an insulin-releasing effect wherein the pancreas is encouraged to release insulin to help metabolize the blood sugar. Thirdly, it also exhibits insulin-like activity in that it helps with metabolizing the blood sugar in order to turn it into usable energy for the body.

To use coriander essential oil to support diabetes management, you can choose to inhale or diffuse the oil. You may also place a few drops of diluted oil (1 drop coriander: 1 drop carrier oil) onto your vitaflex points (left foot – top centre of sole), or you may use it as a dietary supplement.
“My mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 3 years ago. I immediately tried oils for her. First we tried dill — no luck. Then we tried fennel — it, too did not work. I then got some coriander for her and this has been amazing for her. She puts a drop on the inside of each ankle at bedtime and her blood sugars are always normal. She doesn’t even watch her diet very closely (although the Dr. keeps saying “You must really watch your diet — your blood sugar is perfect!”
Gloria Baswick

Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh is a powerful antioxidant that can support the lowering of toxicity and acidity for diabetic patients. It is also good for another significant reason.

Diabetes patients are prone to foot ulcers, which are broken down parts of the skin with the underlying tissue being visible. Most of these ulcers appear on the lower legs or feet, and they are a serious problem for those who suffer from diabetes. This is because diabetes patients take a long time to recover from a cut since there is often poor circulation in certain areas of the body. Myrrh essential oil helps heal infected wounds. In a study, a diabetic patient with a foot wound was given myrrh, bee propolis and honey to apply onto the wound. The wound showed no pus or cellular exudates, indicating that the wound was completely clean. By the end of the treatment, the wound was clean and odor-free.
“A few years ago, Artemis and I were visiting the Young Living farm in Utah. I was helping out on the farm with a new pair of secateurs, harvesting lavender. Before I knew it, I’d cut off the entire fleshy top of one of my fingers. It bled profusely, so I was taken to the visitor’s centre on the farm for some emergency assistance.

They poured 20 drops of Helichrysum oil over the top of my finger. The bleeding stopped immediately – it was amazing to watch. Over the following week, I used Cedarwood oil for the skin … and Myrrh oil. I discovered that Myrrh forms a kind of plastic skin over a wound, so it helped to keep the wound from opening up when I removed the dressing on it.

That combination worked wonders – my entire fingerprint grew back, and there is a miniscule piece of scar tissue – only a few millimetres across. Not much to show for such a dramatic wound!”
Please note that even though these essential oils have been experienced to be effective, it’s important to check with your holistic practitioner or doctor before considering switching from pharmaceutical drugs to these treatments. Diabetes is a very serious illness that can potentially be fatal if treated poorly.
For more testimonials on Young Living essential oils and products used to manage diabetic symptoms, visit and perform a basic search on ‘diabetes’.

Contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation if you’d like further support.


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