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Essential Oils for Your Bedrooms

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Young Living’s 100% pure and natural essential oils are perfect for your bedrooms. Ever walked into a spa, a massage or beauty salon or a yoga studio and it smelled divine? Why not create that same feeling at home in your bedrooms – a place for quiet time, contemplation, rest, sleep and of course, intimate connection.

Our sense of smell has a direct line to the limbic part of our brain – the seat of our emotions. Smelling Young Living’s beautiful essential oils can help you to feel calm, relaxed, centred and balanced. They can also help you to feel nurtured and open-hearted.

Let’s have a look at the different Young Living essential oils and products that are perfect for the bedrooms in your home.


Baby’s Room

Gentle Baby Essential Oil - 5ml 2Young Living essential oils are 100% pure and potent, so you need to be mindful when using them around babies and young toddlers. Subtle is the name of the game! Consider diffusing an oil for ~10 minutes or add 1 drop straight onto the carpet to create a calming and soothing atmosphere.


  • Gentle Baby is a blend developed to support the bonding between mother and child and it often stimulates a sense of feeling nurtured and soothed, no matter what age.
  • Lavender is another scent that supports relaxation and has been used to fill mattresses for centuries.


Children’s Room

Dream Catcher essential oil - 333002Well we know that as toddlers and children are learning to play together and share, things do not always go smoothly. Children can be trying to handle lots of big emotions that they’re not really sure what to do with. This is also a period where your child might be experiencing nightmares.


  • Peace & Calming is a parent’s favourite. It helps to create an atmosphere of calm and co-operation. Try adding some to play dough or put 1-2 drops in the bottom of the toy box.
  • Harmony helps to create inner peace when dealing with big emotions.
  • Dream Catcher can help awaken creative thought and protect against negative thoughts and dreams.
  • Eucalyptus and Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) can keep their bedrooms smelling clean and fresh, especially in winter when you don’t open the windows as often.

If you are applying Young Living essential oils to your children, the safest place to start is diluted on the soles of their feet. Adding 2-4 drops in their bath water is also another way you can create calm and relaxation before bedtime. You could also try applying 1 drop to the foot of their mattress or bed clothes.


Teenager’s Room

Brain Power essential oil - 331302One of the common complaints you hear from parents with teenage boys, in particular, is the smell in their bedrooms! Of course there are a lot of hormonal changes going on at this time for all teenagers and emotions can be on a roller coaster as they start developing a sense of themselves and how they fit in with their peer group. Study pressures are also a normal part of your teenager’s life.


  • Citrus Fresh and Pine will help keep your teenager’s room smelling fresh, but they are also invigorating for the mind.
  • Dragon Time helps to balance emotions and alleviate mood swings., especially for girls.
  • Grounding, Acceptance and Inner Child are blends that will help your teens to feel more sure of themselves and comfortable in their skin.
  • Peppermint, Clarity, Brain Power & Motivation will be staples that live on your teen’s study desk to support focus and understanding.
  • Highest Potential, Frankincense and Sacred Sandalwood will support your teen’s mental function and also the expression of their unique Self.


Guest Bedroom

Geranium Essential Oil - 355402There’s nothing like staying with friends and they’ve gone to the effort to make your guest bedroom warm and welcoming. It might be the colours, extra throw rug, flowers, soft reading lights or maybe even candles. With Young Living essential oils you can take your guest experience to another level!

Try diffusing any of the following oils or apply 1 drop to each pillow:

  • Geranium, Ylang Ylang and/or Rose for a heavenly and luxurious floral scent.
  • Peace & Calming, lavender or lemon to help relax and unwind.
  • Dream Catcher to support restful sleep and sweet dreams.
  • Gratitude, as a unique way of saying ‘thank you’ for their visit but also to stimulate appreciation for one another.


Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a special place and it serves many important purposes from rest and recuperation, regeneration and repair, quiet and contemplative time, and loving connection with your partner. As humans, we still have a very strong connection to smell and particular scents can immediately change our moods and mental state.

Use Young Living’s essential oils to create the perfect mood in your bedroom.

  • Lavender and Thieves are perfect to apply to your mattress when you change the sheets each week. The whole room will smell wonderful and fresh.
  • Stress Away may be a much-needed blend to help relieve the day’s stress so you can get a good night sleep.
  • Forgiveness blend is perfect after an argument or heated discussion to help you not go to bed angry with one another.
  • Gentle Baby and Inner Child create a sense of nurturing if you’re feeling vulnerable, alone or like your needs are not being met.
  • Sensation and Joy blends are perfect to help you and your partner open your hearts to one another and be more in tune with each other’s touch.
  • Relaxation and Sensation massage oils are a beautiful way to create relaxation or loving, intimate connection with one another. And who knows, the first may lead to the second! ; )
  • White Angelica and Sacred Mountain to help you create sacred and protective clear energy while you sleep. Young Living Massage Oils


There are many Young Living essential oils that you can use in your bedrooms. In addition to all of the benefits discussed, smelling beautiful scents in your bedroom is one of the joys of life! Why not allow yourself this little luxury…


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