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Cooking with essential oils plus recipes

  Cooking with essential oils can give your favourite recipes a new intense flavour, without wasting fresh herbs and needing to keep your spices fresh. Young Living now has over 30 culinary essential oils that have been independently tested by regulatory bodies and deemed safe to to use for food flavourings. *Please note that many other […]

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Why become a YL Independent Distributor?

If you’re growing to love Young Living products more and more, you know straight away that you are going to end up falling in love with them, and you’re the sort of person who naturally tells your family and friends about products you believe in, it’s probably a smart move to become a Young Living […]

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YL - AromaLux Diffuser

YL Diffusers for all occasions

Essential oils are powerful tools to support wellbeing in your mind and body and diffusing essential oils is one of the great ways to reap their benefits. With Young Living diffusers and their pure essential oils you can create a beautiful atmosphere and fresh smelling air in a matter of minutes. There are many diffusers […]

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YL Personal Care products

A day in the life of a YL essential oil user

So what does a typical day look like as a Young Living essential oil user? There are so many options with the extensive Young Living product range! Firstly, you’ve got to understand that if you’re someone who loves essential oils and products then you probably love nature, care for the environment, are open to natural […]

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How do I Join Essential Rewards?

It’s easy to join Essential Rewards as a Young Living Wholesale Member. You only need to make a couple of decisions before you get started. Firstly, please make sure the member benefits are right for you. Benefits of Joining Essential Rewards  As a Wholesale Member you receive 24% OFF retail pricing Exclusive monthly promotions and […]

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Essential Oils for Your Bedrooms

Young Living’s 100% pure and natural essential oils are perfect for your bedrooms. Ever walked into a spa, a massage or beauty salon or a yoga studio and it smelled divine? Why not create that same feeling at home in your bedrooms – a place for quiet time, contemplation, rest, sleep and of course, intimate […]

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Young Living Premium Starter Kits

The Young Living Premium Starter Kits are not only gorgeous to look at but they offer the best value packages for starting out with Young Living’s beautiful essential oils and products. Each Premium Starter Kit will offer ~$80 – $210 savings above the regular WHOLESALE pricing! Australia currently has 5 different PSKs to choose from […]

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Benefits of Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program

If you love Young Living essential oils and products, take a look at the benefits of Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program! There are 6 great reasons why you’d want to take advantage of the benefits on offer, especially the wonderful Essential Rewards Kits. Benefits of Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program Wholesale members on Essential Rewards […]

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7 Natural Young Living Energy Boosters

Do you often find yourself feeling low in energy? It’s not surprising with how busy our lives are, daily stress, lack of sleep, insufficient exercise, and the list goes on! I’m sure you can relate. Recently a friend told me that her young daughter asked: ‘Why are adults so busy?’ A very good question, which […]

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7 Young Living Essential Oils to Help Release Childhood Trauma

Trauma experienced any time in our life can leave lasting scars, but more so when we are children and lack the development and skills to cope. Trauma experienced in childhood often leads the child to make negative connections to their sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Childhood experiences really do shape who we become as adults […]

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